Sharon and Sun Eagle
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What is Spirit Rising?

Spirit Rising is a non-profit organization that sponsors Native American Children, Elders, and Families suffering from the grip of dire poverty. We advocate for our Native People on and off the reservations in Virginia and at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation located in South Dakota. My late husband and co-founder, Sun Eagle, once said the gift back  to Spirit Rising is to hear a child's laughter without the worry of food and clothing - just letting the children be children without the burden of living in a world surrounded by alcohol and drug abuse.

There are two ways to become involved in our organization. The first way is through our sponsorship program. As a sponsor to one of our Native American Children, or perhaps an Elder, you would provide direct assistance at least 5 times a year.

We also advocate for our Native People with fuel assistance, donated cars, home repairs, food, food bank, donated trailers when avaiable, legal aid and sending our children to camp through support. The other way to become involved would be through donations, either monetary or by items of need.

The needs are many and a sponsor can give a positive assistance for a Native Child or Elder for their immediate/future needs. This can only happen with your support through donations and sponsorships. Thank you for any help you can give us for our cause.

Sharon Sun Eagle


"The Grandmothers saying their Prayers for Our Native People on the Mattaponi River" by Sharon "Gentle Wind" Sun Eagle. 

Welcome to Spirit Rising's new web site. One of our focus's is about the Grandmothers' and their stories of how hard it is to try to give our Native grandchildren the necessities of life. Trying to keep our children away from the ravages of alcohol and drugs, that have destroyed so many bright and talented futures, is of utmost concern to our Elders. Since my husband's passing I have gone on with the work, for it is a beautiful vision that happened so many years ago. There are so many to thank for helping this vision go on, Kenah (Thank You in Mattaponi) The Grandmother's prayers are being heard.